Music: Incubus, The Format, Manchester Orchestra, Modest Mouse, Bad Books, Right Away, Great Captain!, Ugly Casanova, Morning Teleportation, The Shins, Cat Stevens, Sublime, Built to Spill, Cold War Kids, Hollerado, Broken Bells, The Kinks, The Black Keys, Nirvana, The Who, Fleet Foxes, Rage Against the Machine, What Laura Says, Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, The Growlers, The Animals, Sleeper Agent, Alice in Chains, Peace, Blind Melon, Arctic Monkeys, Jack Johnson, Tegan and Sara, Wavves

Films: Everything is Illuminated, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Harold and Maude, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Submarine, Rushmore, Funny Games, The Shining, Rumba, Lars and The Real Girl, The Royal Tenenbaums, A Clockwork Orange, Little Miss Sunshine, Whip It, Science of Sleep,

Shows: Arrested Development, Doctor Who, Community, Twin Peaks, Black Books, Flight of the Conchords, The IT Crowd, Workaholics
  1. Side A                                                        Side B

    Shredding In Highland Park                        At the Cha Cha

    No Money No Honey                                   Cry Cry Cry

    Proud Mary                                                 Wasted

    Red Right Hand                                          Common People

    I Don’t Give a Fuck                                    BUSHWICK KIDS FUCK YEAH!

    AA                                                             This Song’s About Daniel Wing

    Suburban Home                                          I Just Wanna Die

    Dead Flowers                                              Somebody Kill Me

    Side C                                                         Side D

    This House Party Sucks                              Nightmares

    I Wanna Be Your Cocaine                           I’m Going Nowhere

    Lodi                                                             Carmelita

    Loko Blues                                                  Vice Rag

    American Steel                                            Untitled (Sad Song)

    Time Will Tell                                                My Guy

    Jet Punk Jet Bitch                                        The Punks Are Finally                                                                      Taking  Acid

    Bloody Nose                                                Awwwkwaarrrd

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